• #greenshaming - pedantry or calling out fake news?

    There's a blog post on Supply Management today calling out lots of companies for the efforts they are making to become greener that aren't the absolutely perfect solution to the issue.
    Is this just being pedantic and we should be glad that companies are taking notice and starting to make change OR should we be calling them out whenever the actions/claims aren't what they absolutely should be? Really interested in your views on this one.

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  • Euan Granger

    27/11/2019 03:57PM

    Interesting question! Looking at the article, 7 of the 8 examples used for showcasing green credentials boil down to bad advertising (deliberate or otherwise), taking information out of context, measuring against the wrong data or downright fraud. I think it's a poor set of examples for discussing the #greenshaming movement as pretty much all of these companies or products aren't really trying to be green in this instance.

    For me, the #greenshaming is worse when it's directed at organisations trying to make a difference but falling short or failing for genuine reasons. Being "shamed" for these efforts would be a bad way of going about things.

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