• Any tips on managing approoved suppliers list? Well its not proppely aproved. Its just a list of suggested suppliers already. This new company doesnt have procurement dept or even an officer.

    So how to set it up / create proppely step by step.
    Thank you

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  • Abby Vige

    17/05/2020 11:16PM

    Two things: one is to establish the panel: take the list of suppliers and run quick due diligence checking they are valid companies. Then depending on what sector you are in you may need to run a competitive process to establish the panel e.g. RFP. Then you would create a master services agreement / call off contract to establish a contract with each company then there would be a one pager like a statement of work that you would complete for the specific small projects they need to do. Two: managing the suppliers depends on the type of relationship you need with them e.g. transactional = minimal oversight or strategic = establish regular comm's and undertake performance reviews etc. Its always good to get a sense of the pipeline from your internal customers to share with the suppliers to create incentive and enable effective planning from their point of view. Just my quick thoughts!

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    Marcin Caban Brilliant suggestions Abby.
    Maybe I could just add that, in those troubled times, it's important to properly qualify the suppliers you work with.
    So make sure to collect all the necessary information and documents about their present and past financial situation, what are their quality processes, social responsibility commitments...

    And just to save you hundreds of emails sent back and forth with the suppliers, there are softwares on the internet where you can configure your RFI (collect all that information from your suppliers), and also manage your RFQs and negotiate more efficiently with all those suppliers.
    All the best Emilia.

    18/05/2020 07:11PM

    Emilia Idzia Thank You very much Marcin for your advise, much appreciated. I will check the softwares available in UK. Which ones are on the TOP list recently?

    29/05/2020 09:33AM

  • Mano Athulathmudali

    29/05/2020 04:57AM

    Hi Emilia,
    I know exactly what you mean, Im in the same boat with a so called "approved"supplier pool of nearly 5000, In our case we identified 100 suppliers based on the spend / critical spend (this list included service providers too) . sent them through a due diligence process to validate their business (eg. verified ABN, and bank details etc) .Also we created a sort of a supplier code of conduct + questionnaire (a 2 pager) that included organization /country / region specific criteria (eg. Prohibition of child labour , modern day slavery, anti corruption and bribery, environmental factors, diversity etc ). It was then sent to all 100 suppliers, to review and sign. This "somewhat" covered the validation part. Then marked the list of suppliers as Core or non core suppliers , based on the business continuity and dependency on their products and categorized them in to main product / service categories too. We assigned all 100 suppliers to each team member (about 20 suppliers per person with 5-10 core suppliers each). The core suppliers are currently being set up with KPIs and issued with new contracts (we couldn't locate any contract , even though most of them have been working with the company for over 5 years) , and also have monthly calls, and quarterly reviews (if required). The non core suppliers will have quarterly meetings / calls and discuss issues etc but will not have any KPIs or any monitoring or evaluation as such. hope this helps

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    Emilia Idzia Mano, fantastic detailed list. Thank you a lot. I belive this project(more complex then mng suppliers list) will be very intense to run and manage for one procurement officer.

    29/05/2020 10:20AM

  • Emilia Idzia

    18/05/2020 07:30AM

    Thank you Abby for your advice.
    Its non for profit sector and mainly have services on their list.

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  • Helen Mackenzie

    17/05/2020 02:47PM

    Cathryn Vann is this something you can help with?

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