• Ali Ghojah 03/12/2019 08:15AM

    In Optimisation

    I would like to hear from pioneer procurement managers about software and apps ideas that can improve the procurement process .

    Hey there,
    I have assembled a small team of programmers and designers and started working on solutions specialized in Procurement enhancement process.
    We started with the basics :
    - Work organizer
    - Quotation request auto bulk sender
    - Suppliers database organizer
    - Comparison sheet maker.

    So I'm looking for Ideas from the best expertise in the supply chain area, and would be More than happy to hear your suggestions and ideas.


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  • Edward Murphy

    13/01/2020 09:08PM

    solidworks to digitise your supply chain from parts list to order list ome worked on it for 2 years amazing the savings reduction in lead time and reduction in stock holding. Set up my own company now www.corporatespec.com join me on linked in if you wish https://www.linkedin.com/in/edward-murphy-1b2397a9/

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  • Ali Ghojah

    09/12/2019 08:01AM

    Hi Mike, thank you fro your reply ,

    Actually I'm looking for the needs for small tools Ideas for purchasing process (PR to PO conversion) , I'm not looking for complete solution names or anything, just wants to know whats the Purchasing Engineers challenges that we can resolve by providing those tools.

    so basically , what are the redundant work that you prefer to be automated? I have mentioned a few examples above.

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  • Mike Ford

    09/12/2019 12:38AM

    Ali, what stage of the procurement process, your question is quite far reaching. I work in the supplier evaluation and prequalification field using SaaS is this the kind of thing your looking for?

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