• Ojie Irabor 12/11/2019 03:04PM

    In Outsourcing

    Interviewee's needed for Masters research on how to treat risk in an outsourcing of procurement triad!

    Hey! Do you work in procurement or have been part of a set up that has outsourced the procurement function? Was it a strategy you considered but was not quite sure how to really assess? Well look no further as I will be studying risk treatment in the outsourcing of procurement function and I am looking for interviewees to assist with studying this practice. At least 4 years of experience are accepted and interviews will be around an hour and done by video call for your convenience. The final copy of the study will be sent to all participants! If you are interested please contact me on [email protected] or contact me here for further information. Look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Ojie Irabor

    14/11/2019 11:01AM

    Hi Helen,

    The three triad actors are the client, the selected supplier that will be take over the procurement function and the sub supplier who this elected supplier will use. I am looking for any participant who was involved within the process. So it can be the CPO, procurement staff, buyer etc. The crux of it is an employee that would have been tasked or had to deal with treating risk in the triad. Hope that is clear!

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  • Helen Mackenzie

    14/11/2019 10:54AM

    HI Ojie
    What sort of participant are you after for the interviews? Is it the CPO who has commissioned the outsourcing?

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