• Stefanie Manley 27/01/2020 02:02PM

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    Putting together a training activity for frameworks and looking for content - help please!

    Hi all, I am putting together a presentation on frameworks and to try and break up the monotony I want to plan an activity for it. The purpose of this is to give the audience an insight into what I do and how important frameworks are in our business so I wanted to do something along the lines of getting them to read through some documents and find the errors but to also explain the consequences. I thought of something like a legal case study where an error has lead to financial losses.....can anyone suggest or have a resource that can be shared?

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  • Keith Bird

    10/02/2020 07:00AM

    Hi Stephanie, the best way I have found is to relate it back a personal need. "What is in it for me" approach. Talking through examples of a current situation and then comparing it to a future situation would help. Particularity, if you can relate it to people, process, partnerships and systems. Sometimes an out of work example may work, where someone has had a complicated situation and then used certain frameworks to simplify the solution. Good luck. Cheers, Keith

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  • Stefanie Manley

    28/01/2020 11:53AM

    Thanks Helen, I'll take a look

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  • Helen Mackenzie

    28/01/2020 11:29AM

    Hi Stephanie
    There's nothing on the SDP website you can use is there?

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