96% Believe They are Good Listeners and That’s Baloney

14/01/2019 13:34 | Share

Chances are you’re a lousy listener – even though you think you’re good at it. The problem is, 96% believe they are good listeners according to Accenture.  But a Scientific American article states, “… studies… Continue reading

Shazam and Other Ridiculous Solutions

11/01/2019 12:00 | Share

The simple habit that changes my life is putting my fingers on the keyboard and starting to type. I’m never sure of the result. I am sure of the first step. Even a… Continue reading

Lust for Skittles and Other Bad Habits

10/01/2019 12:41 | Share

Wouldn’t it be great if lust for humility was as strong as lust for Skittles? Bad habits: Bad habits are like hungry babies screaming for attention. When you break a bad habit, you… Continue reading

Hey Leader, One More Time: It’s Not About YOU!

09/01/2019 12:00 | Share

New Book Giveaway!! 20 free copies!! Leave a comment on this guest post by Bill Treasurer to become eligible to win one of twenty complimentary copies of, The Leadership Killer: Reclaiming Humility in… Continue reading

How the Budweiser Frogs Illustrate the 3 C’s of Leadership

08/01/2019 12:09 | Share

The skills and behaviors of leadership are accessible to anyone with average intelligence. Being smart helps, but it isn’t necessary. Effective leadership is challenging, but the next step usually isn’t complicated. The challenge… Continue reading

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